5 Reasons Why Being Single Rocks, According To Science!

Scientific findings show here that you can have the best life while single and waiting for the love of your life.

Being single is just as fantastic as being in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, you are at a phase of life that can bring you immeasurable doses of happiness and put you in a good mental state for life’s motions.

But the good feeling and mental balance required to do live happily is not reserved for only people in relationships. You can be happy, in a good place, fulfilled and satisfied with life even when you are yet single.

According to scientific findings reported in Business Insider, here are reasons your days of being single can be just as fulfilling and euphoric as being in love and in a relationship:

1.  More time for self-love

Obviously, self-care and self-love and other aspects of living that require time to yourself will flourish more when you are by yourself. You have a lot more time to pursue personal interests, engage in your self-care routines, exfoliate, detoxify your body and mind and just have your skin glowing and your spirit flourishing.