6 Things Your Girlfriend Says About You Behind Your Back

If there is one general rule of thumb that seems to be clear when it comes to heterosexual relationships, it is this: women tend to talk about men in much more depth than vice versa. Sure, guys will tell each other about some stuff, how they met, how hot they are, etc., but to many men’s horror, it turns out a lot of women talk about pretty much everything. That’s right, everything. While that may be shocking to some, a lot of us guys have moved on and as long as it isn’t blatant, we try to ignore that this happens. Considering you clicked on this article, however, you must have at least a passing fascination about what your girlfriend could very well be saying about you while you’re not around or are a woman wondering if you agree with us.


No matter what phase of a relationship you are in, the places you and your significant others go are important. If you take a potential mate to a fast food joint on your first date you better believe that is going to be one of the first things out of their mouth when they talk to their friends. However, if you’re in a long-term relationship and you begin to take them for granted or they think you are, the fact that you don’t go out like you used to will definitely be a topic of discussion. This doesn’t mean that they want or need you to take them to that expensive restaurant that requires a jacket and tie. What you should be aiming for is taking the woman in your life to a location where you can make positive memories together. Whether that means you wind up in a field where you can enjoy your surroundings or on a road trip to a place of special significance in your lives, the important thing is that they feel you care.